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Yep, you've found the place we stash the music. This part of the website is designed to one thing really: house a giant collection of tunes, and to have handy links with each one. We wanted all the tunes we've collected in one place.

The tunes are organized in two sections: Monster Master List (Individual Tunes) and Squirrely Classics. The Monster Master List is just that... every tune I've come across in pdf form, with links to other formats as we do them. Squirrely Classics List is a subset of the Monster Master List, and includes the tunes we often play in our jams. Since most of us know them, they are not 'homework', but if you're new and want to jam on most of the tunes, start learning these. Homework - listed under a different tab - is just that... stuff to learn for the next time we get together.

There are a few different ways tunes come to this page. There are some we have formatted ourselves. And there others, many others, that I've collected from other places on the internet (where they are available for free). I have not formatted their music; you will see just where it's from if you open the pdf file. So, MANY thanks to the folks who run the Carp Camp website, the folks who pull together Whiskey Just After Breakfast and the Rockford Ramblers (on By making these tunes available, it means more folks will play them, and our music will proliferate.

Finally, in the era of digital readers, I've tried to help folks who want the music for their tablet or iPad. I separated every file in the compilation, so each tune could be added to your existing collection, if you wish... and still be in alphabetical order. Yessss! Don't ask how many hours that takes... but now I have it, and you can too. If the original page had two songs on it... it is saved with two titles but still has two songs on it, so it is easy to find. Make sense? There is also a giant file that contains everything, if you just want to download the monster wholesale. Did I mention GIANT?

I hope you find this useful. If you see something you'd love to have on here, PLEASE... email me! But, keep in mind... the mantra here is FUN. It's why this whole website exists. I have to have fun, too. I'll do my best to fix stuff, add stuff, and keep it useful. And keep it all fun.

Revision list started, click to download the entire pdf...

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